PCLinuxOS A Cool Free Operating System To Use and Get For Free

Free Operating System Linux

PCLinuxOS is a free, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system for x86_64 desktop or notebook computers.

PCLinuxOS is distributed as an ISO LiveCD / DVD / USB image, and can also be installed on your computer. LiveCD / DVD / USB mode allows you to try PCLinuxOS without making any alterations to your computer.you can install the operating system on your hard drive, If you like it. Locally installed versions of PCLinuxOS use Advanced Packaging Tool (or APT), a package management system (originally from the Debian distribution), as well as Synaptic, a graphical interface to APT for easy software installation. PCLinuxOS offers software packages of more than 12,000 rpm available in our software repository.

PCLinuxOS has a script called mylivecd, which allows the user to take a “snapshot” of the current installation of his hard drive (all settings, applications, documents, etc.) and compress it into an ISO / DVD / USB image CD. This makes it easy to save a user’s data and also makes it easy to create your custom LiveCD / DVD / USB.

PCLinuxOS has additional support for more than 85 languages ​​thanks to our simple Addlocale interface.

PCLinuxOS is safe and secure. You should never worry about viruses, adware, malware or Trojans that infect your computer with PCLinuxOS.

The PCLinuxOS distribution was founded on October 24, 2003, by Bill Reynolds aka Texstar and is headquartered in Houston, TX, USA. UU

What can I do with PCLinuxOS?

Everything you do with this other operating system, you can do it with PCLinuxOS.

Internet tools: PCLinuxOS comes with a complete Internet suite to surf the net, send and receive emails, instant messages, blogs, tweets and watch videos online.

Photos: edit photos, upload and manage your photo collections with GIMP and Picasa apps.

Music and video: Listen, organize and transmit mp3 music from your office. Synchronize your mp3 player with your music collection. Listen to the internet radio show. Watch TV shows, Watch Youtube videos and movies online, as well as DVDs. DVD slideshow design and more. PCLinuxOS is a complete multimedia operating system.

Productivity: LibreOffice lets you edit documents, create presentations, work on spreadsheets, graphs and is available in many languages. Installation is easy thanks to our LibreOffice Manager utility.

What kind of computer do I need to run PCLinuxOS?


Any Intel, AMD or VIA x86_64 processor.

Memory storage

RAM: 512 MB minimum, 2 GB or more is recommended.

Hard Disk: At least 12 GB, 20+ GB is recommended for a complete configuration.

Graphics card

Nvidia, ATI, Intel, SiS, Matrox, VIA.

3D desktop support requires a card compatible with 3D instructions.

Sound Card

Any card compatible with Sound Blaster, AC97 or HDA.

Currently, Creative Labs X-Fi cards are not compatible.


CD / DVD recording unit required for burned discs.

USB boot capability is required for boot flash drive images.

SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS: Most drivers are compatible in non-RAID mode.

PCLinuxOS 2013 was built from the base using the packages in its repository. The packages in the software repository can be original creative, but they can also contain packages of Fedora, OpenSuse, Mageia and Mandriva reconditioned and modified published under the GPL. PCLinuxOS packages can also contain fixes and bug fixes from any other open source Linux distribution.


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