Top 5 Features Of Antergos Linux That Make It So Compelling

Many people have heard of many versions of Linux but not of Antergos. Due to bad luck, Antergos is underrated but for people who have a passion for exploring new operating systems, they should give it a try.

It is exciting and comes with many of its own thrilling features. Antergos is an Arch based Linux distro.

NOTE: Antergos is not a GUI based Arch but rather an Arch based distro.

The following article will explain some of its bombastic features.

1. Preinstalled Software

When most of operating systems are installed, they are equipped with many preinstalled software. Most of these are not required by general public and they make a system heavy.

Antergos is a baby. It is only supplied with necessary software which produce an outcome of negligible lagging. It comes installed with a video player, text editor, music player and some essential software installed automatically by the OS.

2. Talking About Interface

Antergos is the home to Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate and Openbox. It supports almost all the major interfaces.

After getting a partnership with Numix, one can observe a cascade of beautifully themed icons which provide a serene touch.

3. Stability and Reliability

When most people are asked about their Linux experience? They love everything except complications.

Antergos is known to only come up with extremely necessary software which help make your PC light and steady. You can then build it up according to your own needs.

The coolest thing about Arch distro is that it does not push up new updates the second they are developed. Arch community is known to test the final products again and again before they are set up for global release.

This makes the Antergos customers happy about the reliability of their respective Linux distro.

4. Say YES To Gaming

Ask the developers how difficult is the task of aligning cross platform gaming? For many years, developers have acknowledged a huge gaming potential for Linux users.

Right now, only Ubuntu is officially supported by Steam (speaking in terms of Linux distros) but you can install it on Antergos too. It works smooth with no problems at all.

More than 1000 games of Steam are now accessible on Linux platform.

5. Kudos To Arch Support

Arch support is credited for their amazing response and helpful attitude. Even if you are a noob, the global volunteers help you in any way you desire.

ArchWiki is the most comprehensive Wiki, developed for any Linux distro. Details of every package are portrayed on the magnanimous encyclopedia and if you are stuck, just ask a question.

If Antergos is so much awesome, why is it underrated?

If you are looking for one word answers, the answer is… “complexity”

Arch Linux is complexed. Even professionals find themselves getting challenged by the daunting packages.

But once you get an Arch installation, equipped with GUI, things proceed pretty swell after that moment.

Antergos provides its users a GUI to handle Arch. The ‘Cnchi installer’ is self-explanatory and simple so there’s a 99% chance that you will get to install Antergos without a hassle.